Our Vision – A Stronger Community

A Gimmick-Free Approach To An Empowered Life


“It’s not about looking perfect because perfect doesn’t exist. It’s about getting stronger and being better than yesterday. Whether that translates to excelling in your chosen sport, doing what you love as a career or being a better partner – the act of Strength & Conditioning will allow you to thrive in life and not merely exist”

Strength: The fitness industry defines muscular strength as our ability to exert force. While it is true, real strength however has both physical and spiritual elements to it. Strength is our ability to overcome struggle (external or internal). It’s associated with your mental perspective, Central Nervous System stimulation, muscular tension, force production, hypertrophy (growth). Strength in sport and in life has a greater purpose.

Conditioning: Is our ability to sustain, endure and keep moving forward. We all need to be conditioned. This is associated with respiratory health & fitness, circulatory function and cardiovascular efficiency.

Without the act of Strength & Conditioning, life will bring unnecessary, additional struggle & stress.

Strength Solution book cover

The Strength Solution Method

The Strength Solution Method is a progressive and multi-disciplinary approach in which you will attain performance related standards. The process of training is your goal. You must embrace the struggle. It’s a journey, the same way that sport and life is a journey. Once the standards are achieved, there is no going back. It is your duty to maintain or exceed these standards or you may wish to specialize in a specific discipline. Calisthenics, Kettlebells, Barbells and Odd Object training is all covered in this book. If you’re looking for basic information on how the body functions and gimmick-free training protocols for all levels of fitness, get your copy today!

Strength Coach Shawn Charlebois is a Kettlebell expert. Performance-based training has been linked to drastic physical adaptations such as fat loss, muscle gain and high end athletic development.

The Strength Solution Method