Kettlebell Training Compliments Yoga

It comes down to balance folks. Ying & Yang (hard and soft) the harmonious duality of training. Too much emphasis on strength, tension, hypertrophy can be and often is problematic. This negatively impacts health, performance and day to day function. Contrarily, too much emphasis on flexibility, above average range of motion, hypermobile joints and a […]

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High School Wrestling Functional Training

Wrestling Barrie

The above was taken from the Kempenfelt Atheltic Club website! Wrestlers need to be strong, athletic and conditioned to succeed. It is a very demanding sport. Much like other combat sports, but for wrestlers there is no lag time as opposed to boxing or MMA (I’m not saying those two are easier by any means). […]

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Toronto Maple Leafs Strength & Conditioning

Maple Leafs Hockey

Training Camp has been a dynamic part of the Maple Leafs preseason for over 8 decades. In 1997 the program was expanded to include a youth clinic. The Maple Leafs will host a one-day clinic in advance of the 2016-17 season on the very ice the team practices on at the MasterCard Centre for Hockey […]

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A Strong Process


In his book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, he writes of a boy in pursuit of his dream (passion, vision, his calling) and the journey or “process”. This book is thought provoking, comforting and soothing. In short, no words of mine can do it justice so I suggest you read it for yourself and take […]

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